A Proven Solution for Affordable Housing


Building Partners for Affordable Housing – founded 2010 as a 501c (3) by a group of builders that are COBA members.   They saw an increasing need for affordable housing in Central Oregon.  Since its conception, building partners for affordable housing has successfully partnered with builders and the city of bend to supply over 25 new homes and 13 lots for affordable housing.

Building Partners for Affordable Housing strives to provide affordable housing for the working families in Central Oregon.  This is accomplished by pricing the sale of the house so a family with an income 80% of the median household income can purchase a home.  Endeavor to build affordable housing for qualified applicants. Qualified applicants submit applications and are required to meet certain need-based criteria. The generally-accepted definition of affordability is for a household to pay no more than 30% of its annual income for housing. Families that pay more than 30% of their income for housing are considered cost-burdened and may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation, and medical care.


Building Partners for Affordable Housing Recently started its biggest project to date.  In late 2017, we acquired 6.5 acres of land in Bend.  It is currently going through the engineering process.  Once engineered, the project will provide up to 60 single family affordable homes.  We will be raising over 1 Million dollars in community donations that will go directly into this project.

Our Mission

The mission of Building Partners for Affordable Housing is to initiate and provide opportunities for Central Oregon residents to live in safe, affordable housing and to help develop, preserve, and revitalize our communities.